The Team


Bart Campolo

Over three decades of Christian ministry, Bart became increasingly committed to building loving relationships, working for a better world and cultivating a sense of gratitude for the wonders of life. Now, as a relationship coach and pastoral counselor, host of the Humanize Me podcast and the humanist chaplain at the University of Cincinnati, Bart inspires and supports people banding together to actively pursue goodness in an openly secular way. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, he’s been married to Marty since 1989 and together they have three adult children and one super-cute granddaughter.

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Alex Van Fossen

Alex is a native of the Cincinnati area, although she left briefly to attend Michigan State University (Go Spartans!). Trained as an engineer, Alex presently works in the Office of Admissions at the University of Cincinnati. Since growing up in a deeply Christian household, Alex has become passionate about creating communities for those who do not belive in the supernatural. As part of Caravan’s leadership team, she hopes to inspire others to seek truth, give love, and practice gratitude.

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Leah Helbling

Leah is a middle aged former-evangelical homeschool mama who studied Biology and Secondary Ed at universities in New York & Washington D.C..During her church and child rearing years, Leah championed community development among the economically disadvantaged in Cincinnati's East End, but more recently she’s worked as an organizer and mentor to women in transition. A friend and confidant to many regardless of political and religious differences, Leah is often referred to as “The Great Connector”. She is currently a graduate student at UC, pursuing a career in nursing. Her other passions include travel, truth seeking, geology and her family.

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Bethany Angstadt

Beth grew up as a pastor's daughter and youth group superstar in Mason, Ohio. Her conservative, evangelical upbringing was uprooted when she came out as bisexual. After seeking a community focused on loving others, she is thrilled to be a part of Caravan's leadership team to advocate for self-care and building healthy relationships. She currently works as an operating room nurse in Cincinnati.

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Adam Rauch

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